Free Stuff for Your Birthday: 5 Places to Visit for Freebies

What would have been the perfect way to wake up for your birthday? Are any friends thinking about you and blowing up birthday GIFs on your phone? A hand-drawn illustration of your kids who can’t believe that anyone in the world is better than you.

No one can say you can’t have all three of them, but, maybe a free order of salty fries holds the top honors. Usually, since many restaurants worldwide offer free food when it’s your birthday, you can get that and a lot more.

We all know. Birthdays are special. It’s a special day to spend time with family and friends, and its one day of the year that you can get it all for free.

Lately, birthday freebies have been appearing almost everywhere, and you can be out all day if you like and not pay a single penny. The house has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert!

If you plan on scoring your free birthday deals, remember that planning is essential. 

Always keep in mind that if you are about to plan or finding free birthday deals, try to do proper planning first.

A coupon or code accessible through email or via an app needed in many places. Sometimes we end up with so many free offers in the inbox, and then you should sign up for loyalty rewards before the birthday month.

However, you will get a good haul of free stuff and discounts if you sign up for many services.

Here are the five free best places to score free stuff for your birthday.


A free birthday gift is given to its members by the Ultimate reward card. To collect your birthday gift voucher, you must sign up to receive Ulta Beauty emails offered in stores in return for the gift.

Essentially what the gift varies, but sample-sized beauty products were used in previous examples. You can also receive double points on Ulta expenditure during the month of your birthday in addition to the physical gift. 

FREE Drink at Starbucks.

You could get any handcrafted drink on the menu at Starbucks, ANY size, and with ANY additions you would want for FREE. Instead, you may also choose to get a free food item or ready-to-drink bottled beverage.

After signing up on this platform, you will start receiving emails a few days before your birthday—these free rewards, including drinks. But there is a disadvantage of this reward, as they will be expired after your birthday very last day.

World Market

Yearly, registering for the World Market gift card brings you a free birthday reward. It usually takes a 15% discount off on your next purchase.

If you sign up for text updates, expect your birthday incentive message to be sent at the beginning of your birthday month and end month.


.You will always get a sample size free giveaway from Sephora. If you are a Sephora beauty inside member that you can quickly get a gift every year. 

Anyone whose spending has won them that status of VIB- and Rouge-level get a few more choices to choose from.

For redeeming your birthday offers in-store, you don’t have to pay for anything. But if you pay online, then you need to purchase to get a gift for a birthday. 


To redeem your gift in stores, no purchase is needed, but you should purchase to redeem it online. Each year, the users are given free birthday gifts by friends and enjoy free rewards.

For gift redeem, there is always a product coupon available. That is a mini beauty product, including eye shadow, lip balm, etc.

Get yourself ready and Sign up on These Websites Now

You can win free ice cream, steak, lipstick, entertainment rewards, and more if you have time for your rewards.

You won’t just get free things on your birthday whenever you sign up for several of these freebies. You will get perks throughout the year-long, though.

Most of us doesn’t want to spend lot of money on birthdays. But also from other side we want to celebrate our birthday in good way. It costly. So be sure to sing up for all these reward I just mention. At least one month before your birthday. As much has you can. If you do as much as possible then you will get higher chances to receive rewards.

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