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The site is a lovely sight where you can try new products before you buy them. This site was actually created to serve as a final destination for the users who want to get free sample products from the world’s leading brands.


The categories include:

  • Food 
  • Health
  • Investing
  • Make money
  • Quiz me
  • Sample Tuesday 
  • Earn money
  • Save money

Sends samples ads to targeted users

This is the site that sends the user samples to target consumers. The site surveys the members to understand who they are and what they actually want to buy at the site. Also, it has the leading brands which provide them the samples that it distributes to target its members of groups. The members in return provide feedback and write product reviews. The platform has a good system to compile member data and product feedback. In order to provide rich insights. is basically established in New York and operates as a living product sampling and digital promotion platform. This platform is working very wisely and links the large and fast-moving consumer brands.

Uses the member’s data to drive sales

The members of the site who are actually consumers provide comprehensive personal data about themselves and their habits. When they give this kind of data to the site, the member receives free samples of products that are available in the store. When the FMCG brand receives detailed insights, product reviews, feedback, and social media engagement, this drives sales in return.  Also when the revenues derived from FMCG brands as a result of providing these services, in return monitors its members or audience through performance-based online advertising. It also gets server-based revenue streams. 

Hello fresh flex starter kit 100% free gratuity coupon 

Hello, fresh flex starter kit makes your dinner time fun and you can easily make 5 food recipes that are full of protein. You just choose the recipe and protein according to your mood and you are ready to make a dinner of your choice. At this site, you will find other deals also.

Slim fast keto food bomb chocolate peanut butter snack cup 

This is an exclusive deal found on It is filled with creamy peanut butter and chocolate goodness. It is packed into a slim fast keto fat bomb chocolate with butter snack cup and it is a perfect snack to resist your craving.

Biotrue multi-purpose solution

This is also a great deal at It really gives you comfort all day long. You can easily find that Biotrue is a product with which 95% of users are satisfied 

Vero Gusto sauce free gratuity coupon 

It is also an amazing deal. These are the sauces featuring Italian brown tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and the best ingredients from Italy like basil, Calabria, peppers, or silicon oregano. Here is no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no added sugar.

Regeneration collagen peptide 24 hydrating moisturizer

This is also a good deal for the people who wants to take care of their skin in a better way. You know that your skin always needs moisture, so this is a well-known cosmetic company offering Regenerate collagen peptide 24. it will give you transformative skincare and you will get a powerful and fragrance-free face moisturizer. 

Third-Party brand partners

The users of this site may be able to receive without any promotional samples of third party products or services. These are provided by third-party brand partners only for personal non-commercial sampling and evaluation purposes. The site does not take responsibility or has no control over these products or services.

All the actions of these third-party brands have an aim that the user should acknowledge and agree on the form and nature of the service which is provided by the site. It may change its terms and conditions from time to time without giving any notice to the users, so the user should acknowledge and agree that the site can decline to provide the user’s access to the service or stop providing the services. It can also stop the users to provide the services at any time. The users can also stop using the services anytime and they are not needed to inform the site. 

Account eligibility and security

The users to access the certain features and functionalities of this site should become a member of this site. They are also required to provide a set for certain information about them. The site has the authority to limit the membership of the persons that reside in certain geographical areas and supply or register information as required. The site also has a strict policy that if you are under the age of 13, then you are not permitted to give any information to the site or use the services of the site.

Collection of information

The site also has the authority to ask the user to provide the information that is necessary. For example, it collects information when a member registers an account, communicates, or transacts, or submits feedback on certain products.

By the ways of service testimonials, ratings, and reviews might include the information that identifies the users personally such as name, address, phone number, email address, age, and gender.

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